IT-Service GmbH 

Profile      Status: 2021, July, 1st

prename, surname Guenther Obermaier
address, street Eberhardtstrasse 66
ZIP code, address 89073 Ulm
country Germany
phone ++49(0)731-262316
mobile ++49(0)170-7634571
language skills German (native) english (spoken and writing), experience as project language
education and degree physicist (diploma) (University of Ulm), emphasis computer science and electronics
application site worldwide
availability from 2022, April, 1st
hourly rate from 80 euro

Hardware PC 3

Operating systems LINUX (Debian 3.1-11.0, SuSE 5.0-9.2, RedHat) 3-4
  UNIX in general 3
  Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0, NT 3.51 3
  Windows 9x, 3.x 2
  Windows 3.x 2
  DOS 2
  AIX 3.x,4.x 2
  Unixware 7.x, 8.0 2
  Solaris 2.5,2.6,8 2
  SCO Open Server 2
  Novell 3.x 1

Programming languages PHP 7, 5, (4,3) 4
  perl 5 3
  bash,ksh shell 3
  SQL 2-3
  basic 3
  C (Windows,UNIX) 2
  Visual Basic, ASP, VBA 2
  assembler (68000,6502) 2
  modula 2, pascal, fortran 1

network and protocols TCP/IP in general 3
  REST 3
  XML 3
  LDAP 3
  HTTP 2
  SMTP 2
  ASN 1 2
  SVG 2

Further skills and products Netscape Suitespot 3.x 4
  vtiger 7,6,5.4 3
  benno Mailarchiv 3
  AltaVista 2.3,3.0 3
  Docusign 2
  Apache/Tomcat 2
  X-Server (XVision, eXceed) 2
  HT-Dig 2
  Autonomy KnowServer/Update 1.x 2
  OpenLDAP 1,2 2
  SWIG (C-Perl) 2
  Eclipse 3.x,2 2
  MS-Office 4,95,97,2000,XP 2

key specialist, excellent knowledge 4
  very good knowledge 3
  advanced knowledge, project experience 2
  basic knowledge 1

emphasis script development, system administration UNIX, software development (internet)


Duration 05/2016 - 03/2022 (estimated)
Short description Porting an application from PHP 5 to PHP 7.0, 7.3, Porting a security critical application for operation on the internet, programming of some REST Webservices
Industrial sector Telecommunication (T-Systems/iQbis)
Type of activity
  • Porting mysql-interface to PDO
  • Porting of other deprecated instructions
  • Compatibility test on PHP 5 and 7, comparative test
  • Hardening applikation against SQL-injection and cross-site-scripting
  • Building own REST-framework and several services with certificate testing, using gateways ec.
  • Building building new, more flexible pricing layer parallel to the existing one with automated and permanent tests to replace the existing one in the future.
Software environment PHP 5.6 / PHP 7.0 / PHP 7.3, Apache 2, Linux (Debian 7.0-10.0), MySQL 5.5, Eclipse 3.8
Team 12

Duration 01/2005 - now
Short description conception, implementation and maintenanace of company network
Industrial sector Media and Print
Type of activity
  • Survey of requirements
  • Server installation and maintenance
  • conception of backup, firewall, VPN ec
  • selection and configuration of hard- and software, eg. 2012: CRM vtiger
Software environment Linux (Debian 4.0-10.0), Windows, Samba, postfix, vtiger 5.4-7.1, benno Mailarchiv, PHP 4-7, Apache 2, MySQL/MariaDB 5
Team 2

Duration 01/2007 - 12/2008 (maintenance until now)
Short description Web based application for consolidation of database information
Industrial sector Telecommunications (T-Systems)
Type of activity
  • Survey of requirements
  • architecture and conception (esp. datamodel)
  • Programming datamodel, import and export interfaces.
  • Programming businesslogic.
  • Programming AJAX user interface.
Software environment PHP 4, 5 / PHP 7, Apache 2, Linux (Debian 3.1-10.0), MySQL 5, Eclipse 3, AJAX, Javascript
Team 6

Duration 03/2015 - 04/2016
Short description Porting a security critical application for operation on the internet
Maintenance of redundant server cluster
Industrial sector Telecommunication (T-Systems/iQbis)
Type of activity
  • hardening of an already existing Applikation against SQL-injection and cross-site-scripting
  • enhancing performance
  • monitoring and maintenance of database and applicationserver
Software environment PHP 5.3-5.5, Apache 2, Linux (Debian 6.0-8.0), MySQL 5.5, Eclipse 3
Team 10

Duration 07/2013 - 02/2015
Short description Development of multiple sites concept
Industrial sector Telecommunication (T-Systems/iQbis)
Type of activity
  • Enhancement of data model
  • Survey of additional requirements
  • Enhancement of data model using multiple sites
  • Upgrade software for multiple sites
  • Implementation inventory database
  • Design and programming of abstraction layer
  • Performancetuning
Software environment PHP5.4, Apache 2, Linux (Debian 6.0/7.0), MySQL 5, Eclipse 3.5
Team 11

Duration 01/2009 - 02/2013
Short description New design of pricing modell for business telecomunication systems
Industrial sector Telecommunication (DTTS/T-Systems/Lenrox)
Type of activity
  • Analysis of existing businesslogic
  • Survey of additional requirements
  • Design of new pricing modell
  • Programming businesslogic.
  • implementation of simultaneous usability for both classes for smooth migration
  • Design and implementation of a data abstraction layer
  • Performancetuning
Software environment PHP5, Apache 2, Linux (Debian 5.0/6.0), MySQL 5, Eclipse 3
Team 12

Duration 07/2004 - 12/2006
Short description Migration and enhancement of a system for submitting quotes for telephone systems to a web based application
Industrial sector Telecommunications (T-Systems / Quest)
Type of activity
  • Survey of requirements
  • Programming calculator and configuration system.
  • Consolidation and enhancement of the existing system.
  • Implementation of offer document as RTF/DOC.
  • Graphic view of the system with SVG.
Software environment PHP4, Linux (Debian 3.1), Windows 2000, MySQL 4, Eclipse 3, RTF, perl, AJAX, SVG
Team 8

Duration 08/2002-03/2004
Short description Programming of information processing system for train traffic data.
Industrial sector Logistics (DB-Systems / Plussoft)
Type of activity
  • Cooperation on technical architecture and conception, arrangements with the customer.
  • Configuration of servers. Programming an operational protoype with PHP4.
  • Programming the final system with JSP and JAVA Classes.
  • Programming loadgenerator with Perl, testing and performancetuning
  • shellscripts for deployment ec.
Software environment JSP, JAVA, Oracle9i, PHP4, perl, shell (sh,ksh), make, OpenLDAP 1/2, Linux (Suse 8.0), Solaris 2.8, SQL, Tomcat 4, Eclipse 2
Team 10

Duration 05/2002-07/2002
Short description specification and programming of an hardware certification tool
Industrial sector Logistics (DB-Systems / Plussoft)
Type of activity
  • Programming of a Perl Modul for use with test scripts to send commands to hardware (german railway specific) and analysing the results.
  • Programming of code generator from ASN-1 (german railway specific) to perl
  • Programming of web-interface with php4
  • Saving test protocoll using XML.
Software environment Perl, C, ASN-1, Swig, Linux (Suse 8.0), XML, TCP/IP, LON, Windows 2000
Team 3

Duration 10/2001-05/2002
Short description Perl scripts for automatic generation of configuration files
Industrial sector Logistics (DB-Systems / Plussoft)
Type of activity
  • Desiging LDAP structures with customer.
  • Programming Perl scripts for generation of config-files from a LDAP Database
Software environment Perl, LDAP, Unixware 7.1/8.0, SCO Open Server 5, Windows NT, Windows 2000, H.323
Team 15

Duration 01/2001-09/2001 (one day a week)
Short description Maintenance of Companys IT infrastructure
Industrial sector IT-Consulting (BSO2001)
Type of activity
  • Administration of server (LINUX) and workstations (LINUX, Win NT/9x).
  • Installation and administration internetserver, firewall, router
Software environment Linux (Suse 6.3/7.0), Apache 1.3, ipchains, pppoed, ksh, perl, SAMBA, DNS, ssh, SMTP, Windows NT, Windows 9x
Team 2

Duration 05/2001-08/2001
Short description Development of an internet portal
Industrial sector Industrial services (DEKRA AG)
Type of activity
  • Programming of the media internet site of DEKRA ( using OpenSource software and tools developed in own company.
  • Administration of server (LINUX), paketfilter.
Software environment Linux (Suse 7.0), Apache 1.3, MySQL, PHP4, SQL, MediaOnline, ipchains, CVS, perl
Team 1-3

Duration 04/2001-05/2001
Short description Development of an internet music portal
Industrial sector Media (Classixx AG)
Type of activity
  • Programming the internet site for selling classical music.
  • Managment of development.
  • Support for content editors.
  • Administration of server.
Software environment Linux (Suse 7.0), Apache 1.3, MySQL, PHP4, MetaHTML, SQL, MediaOnline, perl
Team 3

Duration 1/2000-4/2001 (2 days a week)
Short description Development of an userinterface and software encapsulation for search engine
Industrial sector Banking (Dresdner Bank / TISCON AG)
Type of activity
  • Programming of the encapsulation in perl and a prototype in C.
  • Building of the userinterface.
  • Adaption of the interface for differnent departments.
  • Support for application.
  • Installation and administration of the servers (Sun E250, E450).
Software environment Solaris 2.6, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6, AltaVista 2.3/3.0 with C-API, IP-Filter
Team 1

Duration 1997 - 2005
Short description Conception, implementation and support for intranet
Industrial sector Logistics (Lekkerland)
Type of activity
  • Conception and design of intranet, email and scheduling for a Company wit aprox. 2000 employees and 25 brances in Germany.
  • Installation of servers, relocation and merging of some servers.
  • Software updates.
  • Rearrangement of domain structure and conversion of user database with scripts
  • Incidental troubleshooting
  • Remote maintenance, weekly and by the day activity
Software environment AIX 3.x,4.x, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.x, Directory Server 3.x, Messaging Server 3.x, Proxy Server 3.5, Calendar Server 3.5, Perl , LDAP
Team 1-4

Duration 3/2000-1/2001 (3 days a week)
Short description Development of an internet portal
Industrial sector Marketing (White-Lion / DEBIS)
Type of activity
  • Programming of various software modules, e.g. tracing of user behaviour.
  • Integration of an autonomy search engine into the portal.
  • Administration of development servers.
Software environment Solaris 2.6, Linux (Suse 6.4,7.0), Apache 1.3, Oracle 8, PHP3, perl, Autonomy KnowServer/Update, CVS, SQL
Team 3-10, Project language: English

Duration 1999-2000 (2 days a week)
Short description Y2K tests of various products
Industrial sector Banking (Dresdner Bank / TISCON AG)
Type of activity
  • conformance tests of various software products at a bank for the jear 2000.
  • Administration of the test computers (Sun E250, PC's).
  • Installation of operating systems, software and tests
  • Reporting.
Software environment Solaris 2.6, Solaris 2.5, Linux (Red Hat 6.x), Windows NT 4.0, Netscape SuiteSpot, IE, diverse Serverprodukte, perl

Duration 1996-2000 (5 days a week in the beginning, later 1 day a week)
Short description network administration with Novell, Nindows, WindowsNT and UNIX
Industrial sector IT-consulting (TISCON AG, former PP Systemhaus)
Type of activity
  • Installation of operating systems, networks, application software and peripherals.
  • Selection and configuration of hard- and software components.
  • Administration of local networks and users.
  • Hotlinesupport for standard software and application software of sales department (X-server, TCP/IP, M$-products, ODBC-solutions etc.).
  • Backup of servers and client PCs.
  • Troubleshooting the PCs.
  • Maintenance of internet-connection and firewalls with ipchains and FireWall 1.
Software environment Windows NT 4.0, 3.51, Windows 3.11, UNIX, Novell, X-Server, M$-Products, TCP/IP, ODBC, WWW, Internet, ERP, Oracle, Arcserve, Linux, FireWall 1
Team 1-3

Duration 1995-1996
Short description Development of a property management software
  various small projects
Software environment Windows 3.11, C for Windows: Watcom C 10.0/10.1

Duration 1988-1995
Short description Study of Physics with emphasis computer science and electronics
Software environment UNIX, C, Modula II, Fortran, Windows 3.1, Borland C

Duration 1980-1988
Short description Programming as a hobby
Environment TRS80, TI99/4A, VC64, ATARI ST in C, Basic, Assembler